GJI’s Access Mediation Initiative was established to develop and promote the proper use of elective mediation to resolve international parental kidnapping and cross-border child custody disputes.  Properly conducted, elective mediation can cultivate a safe, neutral environment for parents to forge mutually acceptable solutions and a cooperative co-parenting regime.

GJI is currently engaged in formulating best practices for screening and mediating cases, and developing curriculae to train mediators in the advanced skill set needed to competently mediate these complex cases.  GJI collaborates with partner organizations, including the U.S. Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the ABA Section of International Law, through its International Parental Child Abduction Mediation Task Force.

GJI has begun developing an Advisory Board consisting of a multi-disciplinary, international team of lead experts in the fields of private international law, family law, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, education and training.  Headquartered in Washington, D.C., GJI is strategically positioned in close proximity to the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the two principal national agencies charged with facilitating the recovery of internationally parentally abducted children or access to both parents.

For publications on mediating international parental kidnapping (IPK) and cross-border child custody disputes, visit GJI’s e-Library, or click here for other useful websites and resources.

For more information, contact Access Mediation Initiative program director, Melissa Kucinski.


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