Kudos to our friends at Tahirih Justice Center who led this week’s advocacy efforts in the nation’s capital, and to the brave survivors who shared their own painful forced-marriage experiences in hopes of inspiring the U.S. Government to take definitive action against harmful marriage practices:

Tahirih has been working for the past three years with a coalition of women’s groups in North America on the campaign to curb forced marriage. They met with White House officials last week, asking for national legislation similar to a new law in the United Kingdom that makes forced marriage a crime, and they have put on dramatic readings and skits in five U.S. cities this spring that tell the stories of girls like Mariam.

GJI is proud to be a part of the growing movement to end forced marriage in the USA.

READ MORE: Women’s groups campaign in D.C. to help victims of forced marriages, Washington Post (21 March 2015).