Phoenix (AZ) officials are under fire, MailOnline reports, after telling Spanish-speaking LEP voters – and only Spanish-speaking LEP voters – the wrong date for the upcoming Presidential Election:

Identification cards given to [LEP] voters were accompanied by a piece of paper listing the dates of upcoming major elections. The presidential election date appears correctly in [the English version] as ‘November 6, 2012’, but the Spanish equivalent reads ‘8 de Noviembre 2012’ – two days late. The embarrassing blunder has led to suggestions that Hispanics in particular could be misled and discouraged from voting … Moreover, the dispute in Maricopa County could  fuel claims that certain groups are being disenfranchised across the  country.

Maricopa County officials are calling the incident “an honest mistake” that will affect only a relatively small number of voters.  But a recipient of the erroneous voter ID documents, Charlotte Walker of Sun City, told ABC15 News that she fears the mistake “could have a significant impact on the election outcome because they’d go to the polls on November 8th and they wouldn’t be open. They wouldn’t be able to cast their vote this year.”  A spokesman for Promise Arizona, a group that works to boost civic participation among marginalized communities, warns that “To know that there’s information out there that’s wrong, it’s going to take a lot of work to make sure that people know the  correct date.”

Voto Latino is using social media platforms to correct the County’s misinformation and get out the LEP vote.

FOR SHAME, Maricopa County, qué vergúenza.

READ MORE: Election officials under fire after telling Spanish speakers the wrong date  to go to the polls, By Hugo Gye, MailOnline (18  October 2012).