The New York-based AHA Foundation is gearing up to launch the first-ever U.S. national Forced Marriage Hotline this Fall.  AHA communications director Amanda Parker told CBS:

Honor violence and forced marriage are often linked. There are a lot of different methods to force women into marriage, from violence, to emotional blackmail, to social isolation… We’ve known anecdotally that this is happening for a while, but it’s a problem that is largely unknown even among social service providers… The main thing is for [responders] to know, if a young girl comes to them and says, ‘My dad says he’s going to kill me because of how I dress,’ that they should take her seriously.

AHA Foundation’s national call center, modeled after the United Kingdom’s national forced marriage hotline, will be staffed by crisis specialists trained to connect callers
with a broad range of services, from law enforcement and legal assistance to emergency shelter and counseling.

READ MORE: Planned national hotline hopes to help American girls facing a forced marriage, By Julia Dahl, CBS (August 31, 2012).