Earlier this year we brought you the high-profile story of a French Jewish mother, 35-year-old Candice Cohen-Ahnine, embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her estranged Saudi Prince partner over their daughter, Aya.  An arrest warrant issued for Prince Sattam al-Saud based on allegations that he kidnapped Aya, now age 10, and held her in the Royal Kingdom in violation of a French family court order awarding custody to the girl’s mother.  The Prince told The Telegraph, ”France hasn’t got the right to take her back.  She is a Saudi citizen and a  princess.  They cannot oblige a princess to leave this country.”  Just seven months later, MailOnline reports that Cohen-Ahnine plunged to her death from a fourth-floor Paris apartment on Thursday, shortly after confiding in relatives that she felt threatened:

Suicide has been ruled out, prompting fears that  the tragedy may be connected to her dispute with Sattam al-Saud, a member of the hugely wealthy Saudi royal family… Today it emerged that Ms Cohen-Ahnine, a Frenchwoman whose original Jewish faith always caused tensions with the Muslim Saudis even after she converted, had complained of threats shortly before she  died. Police were reportedly investigating the theory that the woman fell while trying to get out of her flat ‘as if she was  escaping something dangerous’.

READ MORE: Mother who won child custody battle against Saudi prince plunges to her death from luxury Paris apartment just days after telling relatives she felt ‘threatened’, Mail Online (August 2012).