According to The Guardian, Italian authorities have busted a group believed to have orchestrated several cross-border child abductions:

Four people have been arrested by Italian police in connection with an alleged kidnapping ring that organised the seizure of children caught up in international custody battles. According to a multiple arrest warrant issued by a judge in Milan, the kidnappers – working under the cover of a French charity – had carried out at least three abductions. The price was said to have varied between €10,000 and €50,000.

The charity, Conseil européen des enfants du divorce (CEED), was founded by Frenchman Olivier Karrer, who says that he hasn’t seen his own son since his wife abducted the child to her native Germany.  The arrest warrant alleges that CEED supplied cash, false documents, safe communications and, in one case, even a getaway boat to parents involved in cross-border child-custody disputes.

READ MORE: Italy arrests four over custody battle ‘kidnapping ring’, The Guardian (July 19, 2012).