Young Sean Goldman’s first-ever media interview with Dateline’s Meredith Vieira this Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT is sure to be a reminder of the devastating impact that parental kidnapping has on children and families.  After Sean was abducted from his New Jersey home by his mother and taken to Brazil, Sean’s father, David Goldman, relentlessly pursued his son’s return.  Last May, in his testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Goldman described his agonizing separation from his son:

For five and one half years, I walked in the shoes of the Left-Behind Parent. I lived in a world of despondency and desperation, with a searing pain throughout my entire being. Everywhere I turned I saw an image of my abducted child. Sleep was hard to come by and never restful. If I smiled, I felt guilt. When I saw children, whether it was in the store, a park, on television or even on my charter boat, where clients often take their families for a day on the water, it was more than painful. For the longest time it was too painful to be around my own family members. I couldn’t even be around my nieces and nephews. It was too painful…I felt like a dead man walking.

Reunited with Sean after an epic court battle spanning half a decade and more than four thousand miles, David Goldman shared his story in his book, “A Father’s Love.”  The nonprofit, Bring Sean Home Foundation, co-founded by Goldman following his son’s safe return, is a testament to the fact that Sean’s recovery never lessoned his father’s resolve to advocate on behalf of other parents whose children are still missing.