KENYA: According to the Daily Nation, the outraged classmates of a fourteen-year-old forced-marriage victim ditched class and walked 5 kilometers to barge into the girl’s family home and frog-march the girl’s mother back to the school where they threatened to detain her until she ensured her daughter’s return to class. The head girl, Gladys Sairowua, told reporters:

We were angered by the parents’ move when we heard that our classmate had been married off and that’s why we decided to go for her mother. We are not releasing her until she returns her daughter to continue with education… She was a bright pupil and forcing her into early marriage is going to ruin her future.

The girls released the victim’s mother only after a team appointed by district education officials rescued their classmate.  READ MORE: Pupils detain classmate’s mother, Daily Nation (March 12, 2012).