According to Newsweek, the results of the first U.S. national forced marriage survey, conducted by the Tahirih Justice Center, bring home the fact that forced marriage is a prevalent practice in the United States.  The survey identified 3,000 cases of known or suspected forced marriage over the past two years and, according to Tahirih Executive Director Layli Miller-Muro, “We’ve already learned enough in the survey to tell us we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg.”  Global Justice Initiative (GJI) Co-founder Julia Alanen told Newsweek, “There is [U.S.] legislation that exclusively addresses this issue in developing countries, but there’s an absence of similar legislation addressing this issue domestically.”  READ MORE: Marry – or else, Newsweek (September 19, 2011).

Visit Tahirih’s website to view the agency’s full survey report or a summary of key findings.