“What kind of mother sets her daughters on this path in life?” asks Trustlaw; A mother who was herself once a child bride. In Jordan, the minimum legal age to marry is 18, but a judge may lower it to 15 in cases where he deems marriage to be in the best interests of the young bride or groom. Early marriages are typically impelled by socio-economic factors – the girl is orphaned; her father dies and her mother is left unable to care for the children; the family worries the girl might get pregnant and so marries her off as a prophylactic measure. But, a judicial determination of whether the solution of early marriage is truly in the child’s best interest may turn largely on the cultural perspective of the arbiter, not on a universal rights-of-the-child standard. READ MORE: Child Bride in Jordan Puts Daughters on Same Path, TrustLaw (August 22, 2011).