READ ELISSA’S POST, The Huffington Post (May 17, 2008). Elissa Wall shares her experience as a forced marriage victim and former member of Warren Jeff’s FLDS Church: “When I learned about my coming marriage, I did everything I could to stop it–even going to the top men in the church and begging them to give me just a few more years before marriage so that I could grow up. My pleading was met with rejection. They told me the marriage was God’s will; if I didn’t go through with it, I would be banished from my house and most likely from the FLDS. Worst of all though, I would lose my family. A fourteen year old girl faced with that “choice” doesn’t really have one. After a week of pleading my case, I whispered “okay” when they asked me if I took this man to be my husband. What followed were the three most difficult years of my life, years spent stuck in this marriage that I did not want.”